Big Ideas in Small Bites

This collective of artists are working towards challenging the function, value and experience of art. By taking art objects out of the traditional gallery space and re-contextualising them in an accessible arena of display and exhibition, the idea and concept of art is broken down and reconstructed into fresh paradigms that play with notions of commerce, modesty and spectacle.

Location: Rotisserie vending machine outside the canteen, Atrium Building, IADT Dun Laoghaire

Time: 11am - 4pm Wednesday 10th March 2010

10 March 2010

Amuse-Bouche video

Ciara Murphy

Meditation on a Daily Ritual

In my work I take an everyday iconic object and deconstruct it, physically or ideologically. I then recombine the elements to create a new object/experience.

Sound Recording - "Meditation on a Daily Ritual"

03 March 2010

Adam Gibney

Breakfast in Limbo

Recently my work investigates technology’s effect on our surroundings and reality. Through video, sound, projection and installation I aim to construct scenarios in which technology validates or disrupts reality. My work has been influenced by Jean Baudrillard and his theories of hyper-reality. This influence manifests itself in installations that both rely on and question technology, this contradiction initiates further investigation in my practice.

Aisling Bolger

A Cubbyhole of Solitude

My work is site-specific and deals with the issue of personal space within public spaces. The medium I work in is stop-motion animation. This piece consists of a several of my drawings. When the vending machine is rotated the viewer gets an impression of the action that is occurring.

Aisling Glynn

Interrupting Space

Emma Coen

Impressions of Dance

The artwork in the vending machine, is about an element of the experience of dancing and my passion for it. These shoes have been worn and moulded by my foot and danced in thoroughly. The soles of my feet have been imprinted in the shoes thus giving the vendor a part of the experience of passion I have when I dance.

Cormac Murray

Interruption series

My work is concerned with the difference between the representational and that which we perceive to be abstract

Jacqueline Nicholson

The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled.

Fergal Dunne

Paintings that concern the visual experience of structure and form through line, colour and surface.

Jacinta Jardine

Incite the Trite

Within my art practice I create situations where covert yet tangible manifestations of an undefined active imagination interrupt the mundane monotony of daily life.

Lorna O'Neill

Photographs of abandonment in rural Ireland

This work is the result of an investigation into a newly abandoned space. These miniature photographs capture the resonance of the house which was once a family home, by tracing such things as personal choice of decor, damp empty corners and the ghostly shadows of life. I deliberately diminished the size of the photographs to mirror the diminishing existence of the house.

Kate Hoey.

Paper and Thread. (Part I)

Currently my work involves creating shells of objects to portray the 'memory' the form creates. The use of delicate materials, such as tracing paper and thread, denotes the fragile and vulnerable nature of memory itself.

Maureen Milne

Postcard Bites

A mini-bite glimpse of the local landscape is offered to the unknown.
Unknown in its destiny and in its limitations.

Paula Guerin

My work deals with loss and the emotions experienced when faced with loss.

This piece is an illustration of how people who appear to be happy or coping well on the outside are often suffering distress, torment and sadness within.

Susan Walsh


this work was made in the hope of creating an appetite of curiosity in the viewer and wanting to know more...